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Binary options trading became very popular in the last decade. Since this market generates the massive amounts of money, a significant number of individuals and companies join the financial industry.  However, to avoid the human interference many companies have created software which can perform a large number of tasks with high accuracy. These are the automated trading systems developed by programmers to minimize the human errors to a greater extent. Despite this belief, it is not possible to consider that these programs are unable to perform any manipulations. For some, it is even easier to use the software to participate in scams and frauds.

The risks on the financial industry market are always present, with human interference or without it, and traders should be very careful when choosing the company to work with on a regular basis. Trio Profit Machine is the software for binary options trading which brought a large number of the unpleasant experiences for clients who were the victims of their financial manipulations.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Autopilot option


  • Fake claims
  • False presentation videos and materials with fake users
  • False company’s CEOs

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Trio Profit Machine?

This Trio Profit Machine software is owned by John Racine & Jani G. Their names seems suspicious at first, and if you try to find out something more, you will see there is not much information provided on these names, and those details you find immediately connect them with this suspicious software. The two co-owners remaining incognito says a lot about the possible manipulations, and do not even think it is possible to effortlessly make up to $2,000 worth of sales every day.

The scammers behind the software promise their users an opportunity to generate 100% free traffic without paying anything. Besides, they state that the system only takes 58 minutes to create and that once you do that you will immediately start earning money. Finally, the promises of the automatic system and its recording of sales every 11 minutes without the intervention of the user is something that should also be considered as a false claim. They also have promotional videos which allegedly offer real testimonials of people who joined them and obtained a large sum of money in a short period.


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How Does It Work?

It is software which is completely web-based. When you open the main website, you will be required to enter your personal information. Once you enter your name and email information, you will be directed to another site which will need your personal details once again, and tell you that your spot will be taken by someone else in 6 minutes if you do not enter the info.

There are several steps through which these scammers will further try to capture your attention. First off, you will get a potential customer sign up to a free offer. While you are observing the confirmation of the free offer, you will have information on other products and an option to buy them. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a product they will automatically have you persuaded to consider even better versions of the same product. It will, apparently, help you make even more money. Once you are on their mailing list to receive new offers on a daily basis, they will allow you to claim a winning rate of 85%. Usually, this system will enable you to lose a few of your trades, however, you in the overall you will make a profit.

Final Conclusion: Is Trio Profit Machine a Scam?

Not Reliable

With all of the mentioned indications and problems, fake clients and false claims, this software should be avoided at all costs. It is a scam, and you should try to memorize the pattern because many other companies offer similar products and services. If you are eager to join binary options trade, be sure to explore other possibilities and try more reliable company.  Risks are always present; you just need to be aware how to behave in this market.

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Binary Minery review: Trio Profit Machine: 1 stars.

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