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Tropical Trade LogoTropicalTrade is one of those brokers that really care about their clients, so the customer service is just exceptional. The broker can also boast with high returns, which is great for all the traders. We have tried to find some bonuses and special offers right from their customer service managers. Their approach is impressive. The customer support team is made up of receptive workers who have friendly voices. They offered us a fantastic welcome bonus. Typically, the clients will enjoy greater trading possibilities if they initially get in touch with TropicalTrade customer service. The customers will have a specific internet link with personalized promotion or bonus created particularly for them. For example, we received a 150% welcome bonus and were truly excited about it.

TropicalTrade Bonus Categories

If you want to start buying options with this broker, you have to make a deposit of at least $200, which is actually the average figure in the binary options industry. Based on the account type you opt for, the broker will give you various bonuses and promotions.

We made a research to see what the broker has to provide and we discovered a traditional range of account types and bonuses that are pretty much similar with those offered by top brokers.

The clients will be pleased to find out that the broker offers a complete list of first deposit bonuses that differ depending on the account type. Each account is personalized to meet the trader’s needs. The remarkable bonus program demonstrates that the broker has good plans to attract new clients who are considering binary trading.

You will find out that TropicalTrade provides welcome bonuses starting from:

  • 20% for Basic account
  • 35% for Pro account
  • 70% for Gold account
  • 50% for VIP account
  • 30% for Corporate account

It is fascinating that we received a welcome bonus of 150% from the customer service administrator, which is actually a quite lucrative one.


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Bonus Policy

To learn more details about the bonus policy, we suggest our readers investigate TropicalTrade’s terms and conditions on their website. This will help you avoid any uncertainty related to the bonus.

Now, let us mention several most significant things that we discovered about the broker’s bonus policy:

  • The customer has to make sure he meets all the conditions prior to making any withdrawal.
  • All the special offers and promotions are available only for the indicated period.
  • The main condition related to the trading volume is to exceed the bonus amount by 30 times.
  • If the client chooses to withdraw his money before meeting the trading volume, the bonus and any profits will be terminated.

To learn more about the bonus conditions, you can browse the rest of the broker’s terms & conditions section, since promotions and bonuses include specific requirements that have to be implemented.

Apart from the welcome bonus, we could not see any available promotions at that period. Yet, you should monitor the broker’s special offers from time to time and you will find out generous promotions. Don’t forget to contact the customer service when you want to make an account with TropicalTrade!

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