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Binary options is an attractive market due to its profitability, and many options brokers try to optimize the conditions for their traders by introducing new tools and features which are supposed to help traders win money. This, on the other hand, gave rise to many manipulators in the market who use many tricks to convince naïve traders to buy such tools. The binary options trading tools are easier to sell to the public since they really cannot be tested before they are bought.

Software and delicate technological devices and tools are pretty much abstract and give a lot of room to cheap talk given that technology is complex and hard to understand for many. Once a scammer mentions algorithms, many traders get lost, and they cannot judge something they do not know.

Trusted Binary Bot is one of those tools which smell like trouble. They sound like all the other scam binary options robots which promise enormously high (impossible!) profits. It is supposed to be a new innovative way for successful management of your options investments. Many factors speak against Trusted Binary Bot and, to be honest, the owners did not even make an effort to sound convincing. Their story is full of flaws and holes. Read the following review and decide for yourself whether the tool deserves to be tested or is it yet another scam.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations



  • No valid information on the software
  • No proper testing
  • Bad presentation video
  • Deposit requirement

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Trusted Binary Bot?

Trusted Binary Bot is a binary options robot which resembles many other launched options robots. Let us start with the presentation video of Trusted Binary Bot where nothing sounds or looks right. The video is narrated by a robot voice, and the people who are displayed in the video are just paid actors. The presenter in the video goes by the name Peter and he seems to think that attack is the best defense. Therefore, he talks about other scammers and identifies with the victims of fraudsters claiming that he knows how it is. Well, Peter, do you really know how it is when your money vanishes overnight? Peter’s whole story is based around claims that his or their system is different from others and that they rely on genuine factors and calculations.

The other thing is that the presenter claims that the Trusted Binary Bot robot is for free, but yet you cannot use it unless you deposit $250. After you deposit and use the tool, the robot owners get a commission from the broker they directed you to. Peter claims to have developed the Trusted Binary Bot robot with a computer specialist Sam and another friend Alfred. So-called Peter did not even bother to make up the last names, and now we cannot check his story. Allegedly, Sam works for Google and Facebook but yet Peter did not reveal too much, depriving us of a chance to track down computer guru Sam.


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How Does It Work?

As we said, you are supposed to deposit, set up Trusted Binary Bot, and allegedly, withdraw money in a very short period. Too bad that the robot owner was not precise about how software works and what the robot actually does. All researchers can get is the information that it is accurate and that it follows algorithmic calculations. The actual truth is that the robot gives random signals without any clue about the market since the robot does not actually base its “trading decisions” on market analysis or data processing.

The whole story about Trusted Binary Boot sounds wage and strange without any true basis and resembles every other scam in the market. These robots are just a trick with false signals. Traders are better off if they trade on their own without any automated assistance since automated trading tools are usually of no good, especially in the binary options market.

Final Conclusion: Is Trusted Binary Bot a Scam?

Not Reliable

We truly believe that Trusted Binary Bot is a scam and that it represents a deception method by people who do not know very well how the market works. The scam is easy to see through starting from the presentation video to the lack of information on the robot’s performance. We would suggest staying away from this robot and its developers. Peter, Sam, and Alfred are not real people, and there is a good chance that this is not their first effort to deceive naïve and honest binary options traders.

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