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uBinary LogouBinary is not just a great broker that ensures pleasant trading experience. They also take special care that their withdrawals are safe, simple, and timely. The minimum withdrawal limit is just $10, and this is something you will not find with many binary brokers out there. Most brokers set their withdrawal threshold somewhat higher.

You can gain access to your money via various methods, including quite a few e-wallets, including Skrill, Neteller, and even PayPal, credit cards, as well as bank transfers. The time to process a withdrawal varies between five and seven days, but for traders who have made numerous withdrawals in the past, the waiting time is usually shorter.

If you are withdrawing for the first time, it can take a bit longer to get your money. This is because uBinary employs verification procedures to ensure that the entire process is safe and reliable, and to protect both themselves and their traders for any potential abuses.

Since uBinary trades around the globe, they try to make sure their withdrawal policies are in compliances with the local laws of the countries they offer their services in. One of uBinary security measures forces traders to make withdrawals using the same exact method they used to deposit. Also, it is important to know that the account you are making a withdrawal to has got to be in the name of the uBinary account holder; otherwise, your withdrawal will probably be refused.

The reason why binary trading has become so popular resides with the fact that it is very simple and even complete novices can easily get their feet wet without too much hassle. Trading binary options is all about understanding market trends and keeping an eye on indices and / or assets. Traders with a keen eye for these trends and good intuition for future market movements can make a lot of money in this market.

uBinary makes this process even easier, as they offer a lot of resources for their traders, including video materials and guides. Even someone completely new to binary trading should have a good idea what it is all about after examining these materials.

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uBinary Bonus

The uBinary bonus is available to all new traders and it is made available immediately after a successful first deposit. Traders, experienced and inexperienced ones alike, receive this bonus money into their trading accounts, and they are free to use it to explore the market and test their skills. However, before the bonus money can be cashed out, you will need to trade the full bonus amount at least 30x.

The maximum bonus a trader can receive is $5,000. This kind of offer is very alluring for high volume traders, as it gives them some nice cushion. The top bonus amount will be equal to the amount deposited.

Once a trader has met these wagering requirements, they will be allowed to withdraw the money immediately, as defined by uBinary bonus terms and conditions. These bonuses represent a great opportunity for new traders and those traders who are somewhat reluctant to put their own money on the line. Using the free money provided by the broker, they can place their first trades and start practicing different strategies. With the bonus funds, traders can place their Put or Call predictions without a fear of losing.

To qualify for a welcome bonus, traders need to first create their account, make the first deposit, and provide all necessary documentation to confirm their identity. Then, they will need to get involved with trading, in order to meet the wagering (trading) requirements to release the bonus. The bonus is issued to a trader’s account as soon as their identity is confirmed.

  • 25% bonus offered with the Micro Account
  • 30% bonus with the Standard Account
  • 40% bonus available to Gold Account traders
  • Bonus up to $5,000 offered to Platinum Account users

You needn’t worry about safety of your information with uBinary as everything that goes through the broker is protected with a 128 bit SSL encryption, making sure your data is out of reach for malicious users. If you need any further info about bonuses and related terms and conditions, you can turn to live support, which is available 24/6.

The minimum required deposit amount is $250, and there is no real maximum apart from what you can personally afford. The bonus amount is added to your account immediately after a verification process is completed and you can use it to trade as much as you like, but you cannot withdraw the money. You will need to place trades on available assets and indices before the bonus money is cleared. If you need help in doing so, there are numerous educational tools available free of charge to help you place your trades.

The maximum you can expect to earn trading on uBinary is very appealing 90%. The broker offers a very solid mobile app and many find mobile trading even easier than trading using their computer.uBinary Screenshot 2

Minimum Deposit with uBinary

After a thorough review of uBinary, we can conclude one thing with a great amount of certainty. This broker offers pleasant and safe trading environment, and they try to engage their clients in a positive manner. The offered ParagonEX trading platform provides user-friendly interface and features all the options you could ever possibly require for successful trading.

For less experienced traders, but also for those looking to learn more, there is a lot of educational material available free of charge. There is no free demo account, so you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading, but this shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle. uBinary has earned its rightful place in the industry, attracting millions of traders from all over the world, thanks to their pristine customer care and excellent withdrawal policies among other things.

The trading platform has been upgraded recently, so now it offers even more to uBinary traders. The design has been revamped, making it even easier for traders to find their way around the market and easily place their trades. On top of that, the customer service is truly one of the best in the industry, helping you make your first steps with the broker. Depositing the minimum amount of $250 will give you an access to a reliable, trustworthy binary broker that takes good care of its clients and handles everything with full professionalism and required seriousness.

uBinary Options

Just like with any other binary broker, with uBinary you need to try and predict a price of a certain asset, index, stock, or commodity. Since you are not actually buying anything, investment prices are not fixed and you can invest any amount you want, with only limitations being the minimum and the maximum trading amount.

Trading binary options doesn’t require a lot of experience, since the process itself is rather simple and self-explanatory. There are numerous ways you can place a trade and expect to profit from it – pick an asset that you believe will go up in a certain timeframe and, if you are right, you can earn as much as 85% or even 90% of your investment.

A good thing about trading using uBinary platform is the fact that you will be advised and made aware of all potential risks as well as rewards before you place your trade and execute a contract. The profits on successful trades are paid out promptly, so you don’t have to wait for your earnings and can immediately use the winnings to further grow your trading account (or withdraw some money, if you so choose). Expiry times are stated clearly, so you will know exactly when your trade is coming to an end.

Although there are some who believe that binary options trading is difficult, the truth is it is a very simple process for beginners and experienced traders alike. With uBinary, you will also receive a lot of support and assistance to help you along the way. It is important to note that customer support is available in multiple languages as well.

If you want to make money trading binary options, uBinary represents a great choice for a broker. They will offer all the necessary tools and all the support you could possibly need to get you started and keep you going. With everything being clearly explained and stated, and dedicated support team always ready to clear any misunderstandings, you will be well taken care of. Add to that all the bonus money you stand to receive with your first deposit and there is hardly a reason not to go with uBinary as your primary choice of broker in the volatile binary options market.

Always stick to a broker that is fair, honest, and gives you a lot of options to work with, making sure there is always a good trade on the horizon.

uBinary Trading Overview

One of the biggest reasons why uBinary has achieved such a success in the binary options market despite of their relatively short life is their trustworthiness and reliability. The broker follows a very strict code of ethics and offers their traders a simple and very efficient trading environment. All this, combined with the support provided by uBinary, helps traders grow their knowledge and become successful in the market. Additionally, uBinary even allows traders from the United States.

The trading platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are numerous graphs and stats available and easily accessible to help you get an idea about market movements and place correct trades. A successful trading operation relies heavily on these movements and using them to predict what will happen next.

However, even with all this information, there is no guarantee that any particular trade will be a successful one and earn you money. This is why a trader always needs to approach the market realistically and handle their expectations. Also, since there are so many brokers offering their services, you need to be particularly careful about the ones who are just out to scam you out of your money. This, of course, is not an issue with uBinary, as you can fully trust them with your money and expect returns in the 85% region on your winning trades.

If you happen to run out of money, even after a generous uBinary bonus, you can always replenish the money by using one of many available deposit methods. You can transfer the money to uBinary using PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, Western Union, as well as numerous other e-wallets and banking methods.

uBinary in the USA

Most binary options brokers offering their services these days are not very friendly towards traders coming from the USA. This is not where uBinary stands out from the crowd, as they don’t welcome US-based traders, either. What customers from the States need to know is that this platform is truly free of any unnecessary clutter and it focuses on what’s really important. This approach has earned uBinary several awards for the best performance.

There are five different account levels available with uBinary. The first-level, Standard account, is available with a $250 deposit and it features a 30% bonus. Gold account comes with a 40% bonus, daily market reviews, and free signals. There is also a Platinum account, where traders can receive up to $5,000 in bonus money they can freely use with their free and very reliable trading signals.

One thing to note is that uBinary USA traders cannot use the same website the rest of the world uses. Traders of all shapes and sizes can get involved, as the minimum trading amount is just $20 and the ParagonEX software solution is innovative and equally suitable for experienced traders and novices alike. However, US traders cannot deposit money or get involved with the market.
Without any unnecessary annoyances, like banners, pop-ups, noises, or requests, traders can enjoy everything uBinary has to offer undisturbed. They are free to fully concentrate on making profitable trades and picking the right options. As far as the account funding goes, there are quite a few options available, including bank wire and several major credit cards like Diners Club, Maestro, Discover Card, and JCB, as well as many e-wallets.

All accounts undergo a mandatory verification procedure, where account owners have to send in their ID and proof of residence, ensuring everything is on up and up. Traders are free to use any method they like when first depositing, but those using a credit card will also need to provide a photo or a scan of the both sides of the card before their account is fully verified. As for cashouts, they usually take between 3 and 7 days, except for the users with a lot of trading volume. Their withdrawals are usually processed faster.

When it comes to uBinary non US customers, they are truly offered a nice, friendly, and encouraging atmosphere in which they can trade without distractions and with a lot of support from the broker. There is also a nice $5,000 bonus to help you get started. All these features, combined with a safe and reliable trading environment, will ensure you always feel at home with this broker.
As a non USA uBinary trader, you are provided with a live support around the clock, six days a week. Whatever issue you happen to encounter, there will be a dedicated support team waiting to assist you. There are numerous ways you can reach out to support, be it via email, live chat facility, or telephone. If there is a bigger problem or a very specific request, you can even ask an account manager to come to your assistance.

The only negative thing about uBinary is the fact that they do not offer a demo account, meaning you will have to start trading with your own money immediately. To offset for this shortcoming, uBinary does offer a lot in terms of training and education. All traders, including the Standard Account holders, are given the full access to wealth of educational materials and they can also participate in one on one training sessions with expert advisors.

With these opportunities, beginners are made comfortable and they can start trading without fears or insecurities. The good support and bonus money are all you need to start trading binary options, and uBinary provides all this and more to all of their clients. Unfortunately, US customers cannot take advantage of these opportunities, as the broker doesn’t offer its services to traders from the States. This has nothing to do with uBinary as such, but rather with US laws and regulation, which prohibit US residents to trade online.

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