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Nowadays, more and more binary options traders are turning to the use of the trading software. The trading software makes the trading easier and less stressful. The binary options trading robots are designed to operate with little or no help from the human trader and thus enabling binary options traders with busy schedules to have an equal opportunity in trading.

However, although the trading robots bring relief for the binary options traders, the trader needs to be careful when purchasing or freely downloading the trading software since the number of fraudsters in the market have greatly increased. This is the reason as to why we have done all it takes to provide you with every available trusted information about the verified trader robot. Read our verified trader robot review to find out whether it is a scan or it is legit.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Verified trader is available to binary options traders free of charge


  • There is no evidence showing that the software can make $4,000 as the developers claim.
  • The software requires a minimum deposit of $250, which is quite a high amount especially for newbies who are not yet ready to part with such amount of their savings due to the uncertainties involved in binary options trading

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Verified Trader?

Verified Trader is a binary options trading software that was launched in 2014. It was developed by Simon Roper Head together with Frank Hitchen who is the CEO of the company that owns the verified trader software. Frank Hitchen holds a master degree in artificial intelligence from the Stanford university and the one who is said to have come up with the algorithm behind the operations of the robot.

The developer, Simon Roper Head, claims that this trading robot is capable of generating profits in the range of $400 and $4,000 in a day. This is quite a high return and there are questions as to whether this is really achievable given to the fact that the developer and the CEO says that one only needs a minimum deposit of $250 to begin using this trading software. Making  profit of $4,000 in a day from a mare $250 is more of a fantasy than a reality.


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How Does It Work?

We could not find significant information on how the verified trader works. From the official website, the information on the process of how to get started and how much it generates is readily available but there is no record showing the results of trading using the robot or at least a screenshot of an account history to prove that the robot really works.

The verified trader binary options trading software is free. The binary options trader can freely download it from their official website. It is programmed to operate both in autopilot and manual mode. When trading, the trader will have to have the broker’s platform opened.

When trading in the manual mode the developer claims that the robot just provides the signals and the trader will have to input the amount and then manually place the trade.

Simon Roper Head and the CEO, Frank Hitchen claims that before the trader can be allowed to use the capabilities of the verified trader trading software, he or she will have to first deposit a minimum of $250 into his or her trading account.

The company also claims that in the near future, verified trader will be available to the hedge funds, major banks and corporations and from then, the license will start costing $10,000. However, from our experience in the binary options industry, this is just a way of getting the trader to use the robot.

Final Conclusion: Is Verified Trader a Scam?

Not Reliable

From our investigation, the developers of this binary options trading robot are very mean with information. We did not find any concrete evidence that this robot really works. There are no positive reviews on the Internet from traders who have had the chance to use the software.

Also, the claim that it can make $4,000 in one day seems to be something from the blues. The developers seem to be too much interested in getting the trader to use the software but without providing real information. It is almost impossible to make $4,000 from a deposit of $250 unless the trader really takes a huge risk. Traders should be wary of any binary trading software that promise too much since at the long last they end up costing the trader his or her investment.

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