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Virtual Income is supposedly an automated trading platform created by Virtual Income Inc. a company that is on the verge of its Initial Public Offering. In their promotional video, which you can view directly here, their nameless spokesperson claims that Virtual Income is making millions daily and that early investors are going to become very wealthy from the IPO. However, prior to the IPO, Virtual Income is giving away its system for free in order to generate proof, and that is of course where you come in.

So will Virtual Income really make you this wealthy? Or is it all a sham? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Virtually none


  • Nonsensical claims
  • Defunct website

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Virtual Income?

So let’s get the story straight; a company that has developed leading edge market beating technology already making millions a day, and is about to go public with a massive IPO, wants YOU to try out their new software completely free just so they can have proof? Does this seem plausible to you?

Hate to burst your bubble, but Virtual Income is just a falsely advertised robot and its promotional video is designed to be as generic as possible. Note for instance that not once is the word ‘binary options’ mentioned, instead their unnamed spokesperson says the following:

Virtual Income Screenshot 1

Stocks, forex, commodities and other markets? How much more generic can they get? And if you want to know why the video is so vague, the answer is because the people behind Virtual Income can then use Virtual Income to promote non-binary options trading systems! We would not be surprised if we heard that Virtual Income was promoting some Forex trading system next.

What about how the system works? None is given other than the usual nonsense about ‘high speed trading analyzing billions of byte of data’. We must have seen that justification for their supposedly awesome robot dozens upon dozens of times.

Anyway just to conclude this section: there is no such company as Virtual Income Inc, they are not about to IPO, and no they don’t have some magical high speed platform that can earn you thousands upon thousands of dollars a day off your $250 minimum deposit. And if such a platform did exist, do you really think you’re going to get it for free?

How Does It Work?

The second video has the actor (let’s just call it what it is) promoting the merits of their partner broker, going on and on about how great and trustworthy they are.

This is of no surprise because as we have said many times right here on this site, all these falsely advertised robots are basically affiliate marketing vehicles with duplicitous advertising. Here’s a rundown on the business model. First, buy some generic auto-trading software off the market. You only have to buy it once because with a few tweaks they basically reuse this software over and over again across different robots.

Second, create a landing page with a promotional video like the one above. The promotional video can range in quality from professional actors with hired cars and offices (usually shot in Portland, Oregon for some reason), to nothing but voiceovers with cheap Fiverr actors. Be sure to have an opt-in form on the page and various other nonsensical claims of how profitable your robot is, and don’t forget the lame justification on why it’s free (such as beta-testing, show of proof etc.). Maybe even put some stolen or stock photos with fake testimonials too.

And voila! You have yourself a completely unethical affiliate marketing funnel. People who enter their information will be redirected to your partner broker and if they fund a trading account, you get a nice affiliate commission. You can advertise your own robot with affiliate marketing too; usually via Clickbank. These affiliates will then spam their own email lists with your offer or buy some advertising banners to promote your robot.

In the case of Virtual Income, it looks like the creators have already moved on; however after some digging we found out that their partner broker was previously RBOptions. A quick Google search that RBOptions, which is completely unregulated, also has a litany of complaints against them alleging high-pressure sales tactics and account managers who keep losing their clients’ money. No surprise there.


Not Reliable

Virtual Income is nothing but another robot using duplicitous advertising to make affiliate commissions. You definitely won’t be making thousands of dollars a day with this one. Stay very far away.


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Binary Minery review: Virtual Income: 1 stars.

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